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Do you know...

  • That we are all creative and powerful enough to become much more than we presently are?

  • That as great as our potential is, we continue to build barriers that block our own growth?

  • Barriers are not circumstances outside ourselves, but the way we view ourselves and the rest of the world.

  • Our belief systems and thought patterns can prevent us from using our potential.

  • Human beings think and act in accordance with the truth as they perceive and believe it to be.

  • Thoughts and beliefs are powerful. They can build barriers to the real truth...

  • Our natural inheritance is abundance, prosperity, and well being.

  • Improving the quality of your life is not a matter of working harder; it’s a matter of thinking differently.

The LifesWork program is designed to assist you in identifying those blocks, and to provide you with a variety of tools to remove and replace them with more life empowering possibilities.


Our culture stresses what is wrong with us - problems and pathology. This keeps people stuck in ineffective beliefs, and patterns of thought. The LifesWork approach emphasizes self-awareness, encouraging the individual to move forward with their goals and dreams. As we move forward, our limiting beliefs surface. The past is used to identify beliefs which control our present behavior and thoughts. Once identified, they are replaced with positive, life affirming ones. Tools such as affirmations, visualization, meditation, breathing techniques, goal setting, improving communication skills, role playing and assertiveness training, are used.

Our minds are complex and powerful. When we harness this power and put it to work for us, the future is ours. The training seminars and workshops facilitated by LifesWork teach this philosophy of moving beyond Self-Empowerment to Self-Actualization. These programs are applicable in helping individuals, groups, families and organizations to grow.
You are probably familiar with corporate empowerment programs and their benefits to the company and its employees. LifesWork sets itself apart by expanding on the traditional approach, moving people beyond empowerment to a fuller realization of self.

Today people are searching, believing there is more to life. Encouraging and teaching people to live their lifeswork, rather than just working to live, is the business of LifesWork. Meaning is lacking in today’s society, and learning to live from what our passions are in life personalizes our experiences, providing the meaning we have been searching for. This leads to a fulfilling, joyful, successful existence.


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